Life Events

In our life as a community and family together at Crown Court, it is our joy and privilege to share in milestones in everyone’s lives, be they joys or sorrows. We are glad to offer a space for everyone to mark those occasions in our community life together.


In Baptism we celebrate the gift of God’s Spirit in the life of a child or an adult. We celebrate both infant and adult baptism, believing that God comes to be with us all our whole lives through, and will never leave us. Whether with individuals, or parents of children, we celebrate them being named and valued in the face of God’s presence, and in the life of the worldwide church and congregation here.

Baptism also marks our being gathered into the community and life of the Church. As part of the universal church, Baptism in the Church of Scotland is recognised by other Protestant denominations as well as by our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters, as we do theirs, reciprocally.

If you would like to be baptised, or have your child baptised, please come along to church and speak with our minister, Scott.


Your wedding day will likely be one of the happiest and most significant days of your life, and we would be delighted to celebrate the day with you. Our Sanctuary offers an intimate and special setting for a marriage ceremony. In preparation for your marriage, our minister, Scott, will meet with you and your future spouse to understand what kind of ceremony you would wish, within the broad outline of the Christian tradition. We also offer marriage preparation courses should you find that helpful.

We are delighted to host opposite or same-sex weddings at Crown Court, in line with the affirming stance adopted by the national Church of Scotland.

If you would like to have your wedding here at Crown Court Church please contact our Church Administrator, Laura.


All of us, at some point in our lives, suffer the sorrow and distress of bereavement, and feelings of grief and loss that accompany it. We understand and are here to provide pastoral support and help.

We offer our Sanctuary as a venue for a Christian funeral, with our minister Scott ready to help you shape this important farewell and funeral for your loved one.

If you already have a minister from another Christian tradition or church whom you would wish to conduct your loved one’s service, that is also possible.

Please contact Laura Daniels, our Church Administrator for further details.


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